Right from the moment when a rider selects pickup & drop locations to getting matched to a trip to eventually getting picked up and dropped off, the matching engine plays a  crucial role in entire riding experience. Our matching engine optimizes the following factors:

  • app experience
  • wait time at the rider’s location
  • travel times
  • quality of the ride
  • driver earnings per km driven
  • minimize driver idle time and wait time.

C2S Matching Engine

How do we do it ?

C2S Matching Engine

  • Fast and configurable matching engine at the core allows us to experiment with various matching strategies while still maintaining a low latency.
  • The matching engine provides for an optimized way of calculating the cost of matching demand to a route and is configurable enough to choose various cost metrics like distance, time or a weighted function of the two.
  • In-memory processing allows for low latency operations.
  • Most of the processing and storage happens in memory and helps us execute matching requests at lightning speed while maintaining a stateless architecture for serving requests that helps us scale horizontally with load.
  • Exposed as a REST endpoint that allows us to scale easily with the load